TPN leads the way with innovative new recycling scheme for end-of-life pallets

TPN leads the way with innovative new recycling scheme for end-of-life pallets

New TPN recycling scheme adds another problem-solving free service for TPN Members and improves sector’s green credentials

14 July 2020 Minworth UK: TPN – THE Pallet Network has launched an innovative recycling scheme which saves substantial amounts of waste landfill, reduces its Members’ costs and is a major stride forward in lowering the carbon footprint of the logistics industry.

TPN’s end-of-life pallet scheme is a simple and innovative solution which underlines the network’s commitment to delivering savings and benefits to Members.

Launched last week, TPN Members can return end-of-life pallets and other waste wood to the Hub, where they will be handled and consolidated free of charge. The consolidated wood waste is then taken away to be processed into raw material for chipboard production and for use in modern, carbon-neutral power stations.

“This is a perfect example of our mutual benefit principle,” says Duggan. “The issues and costs associated with the disposal of expired pallets and other wood waste from deliveries, has long been a problem for the sector. Broken pallets fill landfill sites all over the country which is wasteful and bad for the environment.

“For some time, we have been working to identify a suitable solution that will both assist TPN members with a free-of-charge disposal option, and which also improves all of our green credentials by introducing intelligent recycling,” says Duggan.

Many hauliers spend significant sums every month to clear or dispose of stacks of broken pallets. TPN is always looking for ways to help its members have more sustainable businesses, both in commercial and environmental terms.

“Sustainable business means a lot of things,” says Duggan. “It means proper pricing, so we can afford to invest in clean vehicles and top-quality service. It means efficiencies, and collaboration and mutual support and the sharing resources.

“We believe in thinking differently and working together to find solutions which have previously been out of reach,” says Duggan. “We’re thrilled that TPN can lead the way in creating an environmental solution for one of the pallet network sector’s problems and we invite other companies to follow our lead.”

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